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Deliver curated content and analyze its performance with pinpoint accuracy

Quark Docurated makes it easy to find, recommend and share enterprise content assets. Then it helps you understand exactly how they’re performing. Whether you’re delivering images, videos, PDFs, Microsoft Office files or other critical assets, this content intelligence takes the guesswork out of your content strategy. You’ll know what resonates with your target audiences and identify your best opportunities for improvement. This knowledge leads to optimized content experiences, smarter content investments and more control over the content lifecycle.

Sync It, Use It and Improve It


content centrally and integrate existing repositories for a single source of truth.


it easy to locate information with a Google-like search capability.


personalized, recommended content to your desired audiences.


and analyze content usage and engagement for continuous content improvement.

Benefits of Quark Docurated

Quark Docurated is a SaaS solution with broad integrations and AI and ML capabilities for content management and intelligence. Curate and share multi-format content with your desired audiences via their preferred devices, and then analyze if and how that content resonates.

  • Easily locate and share business-critical content by integrating and aggregating it via a single portal.
  • Enable content delivery and access via multiple devices with predefined user roles and rules.
  • Build accurate, agile and scalable workflows to ensure delivery of the most recent and relevant content to your intended audiences.
  • Create personalized and optimized content experiences that are curated and distributed through unique links shared via email, marketing platform, CRM system, social media channel, etc.
  • Continuously improve content based on data not on guesswork, thanks to customizable reports and dashboards.
  • Ensure authorized and role-based access with single sign-on authentication.

Quark Docurated Key Capabilities

Content Integration & Aggregation

Seamlessly integrate enterprise content repositories, content creation applications, productivity tools, CRM systems, marketing platforms, email applications, IT systems and more.

Google-Like Search Engine

Tag content with rich metadata to make it easy to search content and browse categories and topics.


Organize multiple content assets, such as videos, case studies and product collateral, for delivery as a single collection instead of individual pieces.

Interactive Documents

Sync and present interactive content – not just static pages – with WYSIWYG previews.

Automatic Asset Retirement

Use metadata to set content expiration dates with automatic removal to ensure only current and relevant content is available for distribution.

AI-Powered Content Recommendations

Rely on AI-driven content recommendations to deliver content based on factors like recency, relevance and popularity.

Content Scores & Engagement Tracking

Build dashboards and pull reports for any document type based on content scores and engagement tracking, including files shared, opens, clicks, interaction time and more.

Multiple Access Levels

Designate varied levels of sharing and access based on audience, such as employees, partners, prospects, etc.

Mobile Access

The Quark Docurated Mobile App extends the desktop experience to Android and iOS devices.

Share Content That Works

Make it easier to manage, find and share your content. With assets that are logically organized and readily accessible, you can build agile content strategies that speak directly to your target audiences. Then leverage our advanced content tracking and analytics capabilities to gather content intelligence, understand which assets perform best, and invest in the content strategies that best serve your unique goals.

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